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Scaled: RC4WD RC Blazer

The history of the K/5 Blazer starts back in ‘69 when Chevy launched it to compete with already popular vehicles such as the Scout, Bronco, and Cherokee. Chevy had a leg up on their competition, however, as they already had a popular truck platform to build off of. The Blazer was simply a shortened pickup truck, with increased interior space, and a lower cost of production because of its shared truck platform. It gained popularity immediately, not only for its off-road capabilities, but other luxuries its competitors didn’t all have, including air conditioning and an automatic transmission. By 1970, the Blazer was already outselling all of its competitors. 

scale rc chevy blazer

Fast forward to modern day, where we cherish the ruggedness of the K5 Blazer, and its ability to withstand the test of time. Because of its extensive history and continued popularity, it’s no surprise a high end scale automotive model making company such as RC4WD would create a limited edition RC version of this incredible vehicle.

RC4WD Blazer

This RC4WD Trail Finder 2 with a Chevrolet Blazer Body Set is the ultimate scaled version of the real thing. The Blazer not only has a TCI R4 Transmission, but also a 4WD drivetrain, incredibly strong transfer case, and quality metal components throughout. The transmission is paired with their V8 scaled engine, and finished off with 1/10 scale Holley chrome valve covers. 

When it comes to the suspension, the TF2 RTR (ready to run) includes 80mm – 90mm scaled shock absorbers, offering realistic looks and superior performance. Its chassis is constructed of a machined billet aluminum ladder frame design, including leaf springs, scale shock hoops, chassis servo mounts and hard body mounts. 

scale rc blazer

Every detail of this scale Blazer is spot on. The professionally painted Hard Body complete set comes with an assortment of scale details including mirrors, door handles, vents and a grill to match the original vehicle. The set even features a dismountable roof so you can change the style by mounting or dismounting to your preference. 

Probably the most important part to any RC car are the electronics that get it running, and when it comes to a 4WD off-road capable Blazer, the motors that get it going need to be top notch. This particular K5 is powered by the RC4WD 45 Turn Crawler Motor. A sealed endbell increases durability and  allows for long lasting performance. For reliable, constant power, the scaled K5 also features the popular RC4WD Outcry III Waterproof ESC Brushed Speed Controller with a built-in drag brake.  

scale rc blazer

In the end, from the V8 with Holley valve covers, to the double front suspension and heavy duty electronics, the TF2 RTR Chevy Blazer kit is a dream scaled K5 for any gearhead. 

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