litespeed rs5 wheels

Trinkets: Litespeed RS5 Wheels

litespeed rs5 wheels

Litespeed RS5 Wheels

Customization is the key to the automotive industry; people want to make their cars their own. Litespeed took this info and ran with it, utilizing their incredible forging process and plethora of materials to do so. This is where the RS5 Forged wheel comes into play, their lightest and most popular wheel. Featuring a split 5-spoke design, the RS5 is available as a monoblock design, or 3-piece.

litespeed rs5 carbon fiber wheel

From there, the wheels can be crafted using one of three materials, ranging from forged magnesium, to forged aluminum, and carbon fiber (barrel only), with forged advance alloy coming soon. When it comes to weight, the RS5 starts at 14.4 pounds for an 18 inch wheel, and in many fitment applications, can be the lightest, or close to lightest, wheel available in the industry. To finish it off, Litespeed’s RS5 can be coated in whichever color and finish you’d like.

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