motul 10w-40 for modern classic cars

Trinkets: Motul Eighties Engine Oil

Motul Eighties Engine Oil

Looking to do an oil change on your modern classic ride this weekend? Motul may have the perfect motor oil for you, that is if you’re ready to showcase your inner love for vaporwave aesthetic. The new Motul Eighties engine oil is here to combine performance standards from the past with Motul’s latest technology, all while being packaged in a metal can dripping in true ’80s style.

Motul eighties engine oil

Whether you’re in a classic Euro, high-performance JDM, or American modern classic, this 10W-40 Motul Premium Semi-synthetic Multigrade engine oil is here to meet your needs. The oil itself is formulated with a unique combination of High Zinc, Phosphorus and Molybdenum additives. This combination gives the best protection and performance to naturally aspirated, supercharged, and turbocharged engines from cars of the ‘80s. 

motul 10w-40 for modern classic cars


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