Porsche Monobloc Actuator GMT-Chronotimer

Trinkets: Porsche Monobloc Actuator GMT-Chronotimer

Porsche Monobloc Actuator GMT-ChronotimerPorsche Monobloc Actuator GMT-Chronotimer

Timepieces that incorporate automotive design have been produced for almost as long as watches have been made for the wrist. Porsche Design is no exception to this, and even established itself as an independent watch brand in 2015, with its own Swiss manufacturing facility. So if there is an automotive company that knows how to integrate their designs into a timepiece, it’s Porsche.

Porsche Monobloc Actuator GMT-Chronotimer

The Monobloc Actuator is the latest innovation from Porsche Design. Made of titanium, which has been used in engine construction for over 50 years, with a glass bead-blasted finish, the end result is a beautifully crafted masterpiece. The watches functions may seem slim, but there is more to it than meets the eye. The Monobloc Actuator features a black dial on the side with two stacked chronograph subdials, an outer tachymeter scale, a date window, and a white-triangle-tipped GMT hand. The chronograph has a single rocker switch, drawing inspiration from race car engines.

Every aspect of this watch is Porsche inspired, so whether you own a 911, or not, the Monobloc Actuator GMT-Chronotimer may be the perfect timepiece for you.

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