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Trinkets: The Galante – A Watch Made with Reclaimed Lamborghinis

Owning your own Lamborghini Gallardo may seem pretty far fetched, but that doesn’t exactly mean you can’t own a piece of one. And no, this isn’t some sort of investment opportunity that lets you own a portion of some supercar, it’s actually much better. Olympus Watch Co. has debuted a new watch, announced through Kickstarter, that is made of reclaimed pieces from a salvaged Lamborghini Gallardo. 

olympus the galante watch lamborghini

Named the Galante, each of these timepieces has a piece of Gallardo in it, but there isn’t a screaming 5.2 L V10 in its heart, but rather a finely tuned Swiss engine. In Olympus’ words, the Galante comes to life after they “put a piece of the adrenaline pumping Lamborghini Gallardo inside of each timepiece and forge it into a one-of-a-kind impact statement for your wrist.”

olympus watch co

Aside from a piece of Gallardo, the watch is made of 316L surgical stainless steel for ultimate rigidity, and features a functional chronograph and sapphire crystal exhibition case back. The production is limited to just 1,600 pieces, which are available on kickstarter starting at $49 for the first 100, and $500 after that. 

lamborghini watch from olympus


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